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Dr. Alex Orton

Guest Expert
Naturopathic Doctor, Graduated Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies in Colorado Mountain College

Ryan Sternagel

Founder, Going Integrative, The Stern Method & Anti-Cancer Revolution

About Dr. Alex Orton

  • Dr. Alex Orton is a Naturopathic Doctor who started where many patients do – raised on processed foods and prescribed drugs to fix any health problem that arose throughout the years. Most healthcare options only offered quick-fixes geared towards just managing the problem and treating a specific symptom. But Dr. Orton, like many others, was looking for more.

  • When he turned to alternative medicine, he found that in many cases, it mirrored conventional medicine of recommending a supplement for a symptom. Alternative medicine advocates from doctors to authors to bloggers seemed to have conflicting advice and views on diet, supplements, and therapies. Why? Why weren’t there options that looked at the individual needs of each person rather than a one size fits all protocol? Why weren’t there practices that actually helped to guide the client up the mountain of health instead of just recommending expensive lab work and supplements?

  • It was this lack of truly holistic healthcare that inspired Dr. Orton & Dr. Ourada to start Haven: A Holistic Health Center in Chicago. Haven creates individualized health programs for people to be educated and empowered to know exactly how to optimize their health and heal from chronic illness.

  • Dr. Orton understands that healing is a journey and that it must be tailored towards each person. A big reason for this is because we are walking our own healing path everyday. If you are seeking an opportunity to be empowered with your health or an opportunity to put your health on your shoulders and not on the shoulders of anyone or anything else, they will be your guide.

  • Dr. Orton graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies in Colorado Mountain College before he studied Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine where he graduated as the class valedictorian. He also completed training and certifications in Classical Homeopathy, Somatic Experiencing, Yoga Teacher Training, Holistic Counseling, Constitutional Hydrotherapy, International Foundation for Nutrition and Health, and last but not the least, The Gonzalez Protocol®.

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